So it has come to my attention that my website isn’t as professional as it should be in the sense that I am using a wordpress implementation entirely so that when recruiters look at my site they’ll probably think to themselves: “oh what a lovely site (hopefully) but anyone could just go to, create a ‘blog’, buy a domain, PAY wordpress to link the domain to their servers and then call it a personal site! No originality or demonstration of skill. :(”

The guided thought above is my biggest fear when including my website in any of my job searches and even though I personally went a step further by actually setting up a server and deploying wordpress from the package, this site looks no different from a site created on My future plans are to move this portion of the site where I keep my posts on the blogs and such to or something like that and create a static homepage and about me page from scratch and then link projects to Surely that should show recruiters that I have a bit more ingenuity than what this basic site implies. Who knows, but WordPress’s functionality and flexibility is really quite enjoyable for creating and managing a blog about projects.