This wasn’t the first. About two years ago, I bought a domain under as well and was attempting to learn a bit of html, css, and php. I set up a very basic website that had little to no css or php on a free hosting service, 000webhost. Uninterested by the meager results, I eventually gave up on my website and left it to expire.

This year, however, after seeing multitudes of people of all ages maintaining websites that documented their accomplishments and projects, I decided once more that I write about some of the troubles that I had when working on projects. Some of these solutions were the result of days of random searching in hopes of finding someone on a forum with a similar problem and some of these solutions were purely self discovered and hammer out.

Daunted by the prospects of having to code my own site again, I decided to use wordpress which offered a user friendly GUI to create and manage my own website. This is the start of my second attempt.