A list of problems that I should address in the near future:

  • When I got the nema 17 motors from ebay, the shafts were not flattened. Because the GT2 pulleys use grub screws to hold them in place on the motor shaft, without the flats, the pulleys are liable to lose their grip and cause shifting in the prints. I’ve put it off for now because I think there shouldn’t be enough torque on the motors to actually make that a problem.
  • My glass bed was cut to 7.5″ x 7.5″ because this is America and I thought that the person cutting the glass for me would not appreciate the conversion of 200 cm = 7.84 in. Problem is, my now imperialized glass bed is significantly too small for my heated bed. When I tried to print the first layer of a LCD case, the print went off of the glass bed. I need to buy a new one. A closer imperial number would be 7 and 7/8th inches which is 7.85 in. Slightly bigger but oh well. America should have metric units.
  • My heated bed is taking approximately 15+ minutes to heat up to 100 degrees. Being the impatient person I am, this is much too long of a wait time for me! I must find some way of insulting the underside of the heat bed (opposite of the traces) so that less heat is lost during the heating process.
  • This transparent filament is kinda odd. It almost looks like PLA instead of ABS. Should consider getting a different color.